Procedures are led by our certified radiologists, who are experienced physicians with specialized expertise in obtaining and interpreting medical images. Our radiology team also has extensive training in the use of the most advanced imaging technology and techniques available.

Our radiologists partner closely with referring physicians to determine the imaging exam that is most appropriate for a patient’s individual situation.

Uses a small x-ray device to capture real-time images of organs and bodily structures in motion.
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 Interventional Radiology is a medical sub-specialty of radiology which utilizes minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat patients using the least invasive techniques to improve the patient’s overall outcome. Interventional Procedures offered by South Georgia Radiology Associates (SGRA) include; but are not limited to, Liver, Lung, Breast, and Thyroid Biopsies. Ultrasound Guided Paracentesis/Thoracentesis and CT Guided Drains are also among the interventional services offered by SGRA.
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) combines radiofrequency waves, a strong magnetic field and a special computer to capture detailed images without the use of x-ray.
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Mammography is an exam of the breast tissue and a screening tool for early detection of breast cancer.
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Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine is a subspecialty in the field of radiology that combines the use of imaging technology and small amounts of radioactive material to detect and diagnose a variety of medical conditions.
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Ultrasound is an imaging procedure that transmits high-frequency sound waves through the body. Sound waves bounce off organs and tissues inside the body and are converted into images that can be viewed on a video monitor.
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