• How to Check If Signal Is Down January 15, 2021
    Is Signal down? At the start of 2021, the encrypted chat app has seen a wave of new users who want to keep their conversations private. Here’s how to check whether Signal is down for everyone else.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Chris Hoffman
  • What's the Deal with Sea Shanties? (And 5 Worth Checking Out) January 15, 2021
    Regardless of whether you’re on social media, you’ve likely seen sea shanties popping up in the news. But why? Like most viral trends these days, you can thank TikTok. Here’s the scoop.Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›
    Shea Simmons
  • Moen's Smart Sump Pump Monitor Might Save You from a Flooded Basement January 15, 2021
    All it takes is a good rain to flood your basement or crawlspace. To prevent that from happening, many homes have sump pumps that flush water away from the home. It’s a set it and forget it device, but forgetting it can be a mistake. If a sump pump fails, you’ll get flooded. Flo by […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • Strap a Theater Screen to Your Face with TCL's Wearable Display January 15, 2021
    Augmented Reality (AR) was all the rage for a hot minute, but it didn’t take off outside enterprise uses, like Hololens. Sometimes for a product to reach consumers, simpler is better. TCL’s latest wearable won’t change the world around you; instead, it’ll give you access to a giant screen without the need for a giant […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • Cowin's $80 Sound Bar Can Split in Half for Surround Sound January 15, 2021
    Sound bars are a great way to improve your TV’s tinny speakers without taking up a lot of room. But they don’t truly surround sound thanks to grouping speakers so close together. Cowin’s new wireless sound bar might give you the best of both world. You can place it under your TV like a traditional […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • How to Get an Always-on-Top Calculator in PC Games on Windows 10 January 15, 2021
    Windows has had a calculator app since the beginning, and it’s always been handy. In Windows 10, you can pin the calculator on top of whatever you’re doing. That could be a detailed strategy game or an intense Exel session.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Joe Fedewa
  • Avita's Admiror II Laptop Has Three Webcams and a Ring Light Because Why Not January 15, 2021
    If you want to make a go at livestreaming, you’ll need a few things like a decent computer, a good webcam, and lighting so we can see your face. Nexstgo’s latest CES-borne laptop, the Avita Admiror II, will pack all of that into one thanks to its triple-webcam setup and embedded light ring. Just don’t […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • How to Create a Poll In Microsoft Outlook January 15, 2021
    Need to quickly get feedback or answers to a question? Microsoft has added a quick poll feature, powered by Microsoft Forms, to both the Outlook client and Outlook Online. Here’s how it works.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Rob Woodgate
  • LG's New 4k CineBeam Projector Automatically Adjusts for Dark and Bright Rooms January 15, 2021
    With many theaters still closed and more content going straight to streaming services, it’s tempting to buy a huge TV to emulate a theater. But sometimes a projector is the better way to go. And as LG’s latest 4K CineBeam proves, projectors have come a long way. On top of 4K HDR support, it can […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • How to Turn off 5G on iPhone (to Save Battery Life) January 15, 2021
    The new 5G wireless standard holds great promise in speeding up your iPhone’s wireless data transfer rates, but it also can take a heavy toll on your battery, quickly draining battery life while enabled. Here’s how to turn it off when you don’t need it.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Benj Edwards