• Drop + EPOS H3X Review: An Affordable Gaming Headset That’s Also Great for Music December 9, 2022
    Shopping for an affordable gaming headset is often an exercise in frustration, as many of them take cheap components and try to fix them with software and features like virtual surround sound. The Drop + EPOS H3X aims to be different, dropping the software and focusing on great-sounding components.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Kris Wouk
  • Today Only: This Tiny 65W 2-Port USB-C Charger Is Just $32 December 8, 2022
    You might have a few USB Type-C wall adapters around your home, but Spigen has one on sale right now that can fast-charge two devices at once. Best of all, it’s small enough to fit in any bag.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Corbin Davenport
  • Disney+ With Ads Is Here, and It Doesn’t Work on Roku December 8, 2022
    We have some good news and bad news. Disney+ price hikes are live as of the publishing date, pushing the price to $10.99 a month, up from $7.99/mo. The good news is that if you’d rather not pay that much, the ad-supported tier has also gone live today.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Arol Wright
  • How to Block Websites on Android December 8, 2022
    Do you want to block a specific site so it won’t distract you when you’re working? Or maybe you want to restrict access to inappropriate sites? You can block websites on Android either with or without a dedicated app, and we’ll show you how to do both.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Mahesh Makvana
  • 10 Awesome PlayStation 5 Features You Should Be Using December 8, 2022
    Got your hands on a PlayStation 5 at last? Sony’s console can do more than let you experience top-tier titles. To make the most of this powerful gaming system, check out these PS5 add-ons and hidden features.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Tim Brookes
  • The Five Best PC Upgrades to Improve Performance December 8, 2022
    Upgrading a PC? Your choices range from installing more RAM to custom building a case designed for a DIY liquid cooling system. Which upgrades are the best depends on your PC. What specs does it have right now? Are you gaming, editing 4K videos, or just browsing the web?Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Ian Paul
  • Boost Infinite's New Mobile Service Offers Unlimited Everything for $25 December 8, 2022
    Boost Mobile, owned by Dish Wireless, is ready to launch its all-new mobile service provider to take on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It’s called Boost Infinite, and you’ll get unlimited talk, text, data, and much more for only $25 a month, forever.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Cory Gunther
  • Why You Shouldn't Use Indoor Cameras December 8, 2022
    Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is often used as an analogy for the dystopian hell we seem to be sliding towards. One of the book’s creepier elements involved surveillance devices being installed in people’s homes. But if you’re jamming cameras in your own house, Orwell isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.Read This Article on […]
    Dave McQuilling
  • You Can Finally Tell Chrome to Use Less RAM December 8, 2022
    After more than a decade of complaints, Chrome for desktop finally offers a memory-saving mode. There’s also a new battery-saving mode that activates when your laptop reaches 20% battery life. Rollout for these features will take a few weeks, though.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Andrew Heinzman
  • Google Is Finally Making Chrome Use Less RAM December 8, 2022
    Google Chrome uses sandboxing to improve security, which has the unfortunate side effect of requiring more RAM for each tab. There’s a new feature rolling out that (partially) addresses the problem.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Corbin Davenport