• ZTE's Axon 30 Ultra 5G Drops the Under Display Camera in Favor of a Teardrop April 15, 2021
    Last year when ZTE announced the Axon 20 5G, it made waves by hiding its front-facing camera under the display. But while cutting edge, obscuring the camera under a screen predictably creates its own set of problems. This year the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G moves to a teardrop and steps up the specs.Read This Article […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • The 10 Best Registry Hacks for Windows 10 April 15, 2021
    Windows 10’s registry is packed with useful hidden settings you can’t find anywhere else in Windows. From classic registry hacks that worked on Windows 7 to all-new hacks for Windows 10, here are our favorites.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Chris Hoffman
  • New Photo Colorization AI Fixes Early Photography's Old Man Wrinkle Effect April 14, 2021
    Classic photos of Abe Lincoln seem incredibly detailed, showing tons of wrinkles and cracks in the president’s skin. But much of that “detail” is a flaw of early camera tech, which couldn’t capture a good chunk of the visible light spectrum. Now, a the Time-Travel Rephotography colorization AI shows us what Abe might look like […]
    Andrew Heinzman
  • Mazda's MX-30 Crossover EV Will Come to the U.S., Complete with Suicide Doors April 14, 2021
    In 2019, Mazda announced its first electric vehicle (EV), the MX-30. The crossover SUV made its way to Europe shortly after and sold well but never made its way to the States. Now Mazda will kick off a series of EVs in the United States, starting with the MX-30, suicide doors and all.Read This Article on Review […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • Amazon's 2nd Gen Echo Buds Arrive with Improved ANC, Preorder Discount April 14, 2021
    Amazon just announced its 2nd generation Echo Buds with improved ANC and a more comfortable design. Preorders for the new Echo Buds start at $99, but Amazon will raise the price to $120 (or $140 with wireless charging) after preorders ship on May 13th.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Andrew Heinzman
  • The 5 Best Joy-Con Replacements for Nintendo Switch April 14, 2021
    Nintendo’s official Joy-Cons are expensive, prone to “Joy-Con drift,” and uncomfortable for people with big hands. But don’t worry, third-party Joypads are nearly half the price of the real thing, and solve many of the Joy-Con problems that Nintendo refuses to address.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Andrew Heinzman
  • Thinking About Solar Panels? Project Sunroof Maps Solar Panel Effectiveness April 14, 2021
    You’ve thought about putting solar panels on your house but does your definition of “Yup, seems sunny” align with what a bank of solar panels would actually require? Enter Project Sunroof.Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›
    Jason Fitzpatrick
  • IKEA Turned Its Famous Allen Wrench into a Flashlight and Table Lamp April 14, 2021
    If you buy furniture from IKEA, then you’re nearly guaranteed to get a “free” Allen wrench. But why settle for a small annoying tool when you celebrate it with a more useful flashlight or decorative LED lamp version? That’s right; you can buy LED Allen wrench lights today at IKEA’s site.Read This Article on Review Geek […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • Dcbel's Charging Station Can Power Your Home from Your EV, Arrives in the U.S. April 14, 2021
    If you’re all in on renewable energy, your home can quickly get littered with charging stations. You’ll need one unit for solar panels, another to manage your stationary backup, and a third to charge your electric vehicle. Dcbel’s r16 does all that in one in one unit, and it’s coming to the United States.Read This Article on […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • Google Assistant Can Now Find Your iPhone and Order Takeout April 14, 2021
    Digital assistants have come a long way since Apple released Siri in 2011, and that growth isn’t stopping. Today Google Assistant picked up several new features to make your life easier. Now it can help find your iPhone, order takeout, and automate your life with new routines.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Josh Hendrickson