• Ustwo, the Developers Behind Monument Valley, Has a New Game on Facebook May 31, 2020
    If you loved the first two Monument Valley games, we have great news for you. No, it’s no Monument Valley 3, that’s still in development. But Ustwo, the company behind Monument Valley, does have a new game. It’s called Go Go Bots, and you can play the game on Facebook today.Read This Article on Review Geek […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • GoPro Labs Adds Experimental Features to Your Action Camera May 31, 2020
    GoPro is introducing experimental features for its “super users and forward-thinkers.” Through firmware updates, you can add new potential upcoming features that GoPro has been tinkering with behind the scenes. To start, it includes better stabilization and QR-code control.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Josh Hendrickson
  • How to Fix Problems with Thumbnails on Windows 10 May 31, 2020
    In Windows 10, sometimes thumbnail icons have a white or black border behind them, appear blank, or just display improperly. You can often quickly fix the issue by deleting the Windows thumbnail cache. Here’s how.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Benj Edwards
  • You Can't Afford a Lamborghini, But LEGO's Lambo Sián FKP 37 Is the Next Best Thing May 31, 2020
    Lamborghini is a symbol of unattainable extravagance, but LEGO is an affordable way to indulge in supercar fantasies. The company has a history of making drool-worthy cars in blocky minniature form, from James Bond’s Aston Martin, to Dom’s custom Charger, to the real-world ridiculousness that is the Bugatti Chiron. LEGO’s latest little lust-worthy creation is […]
    Michael Crider
  • How to Change Your Roku Device’s Home Screen Theme May 31, 2020
    From the classic purple background to some created by users, there are a ton of different home screen themes you can set on your Roku device. You can personalize it to match your living room theme or favorite show. No matter what you choose, here’s how to easily change your Roku theme.Read This Article on […]
    Kennedy Maring
  • How to Manage HBO Max Profiles for Kids and Adults May 31, 2020
    While HBO has built its reputation on mature content, its newest streaming service called HBO Max is one of the best streaming services for high-quality children’s content. Create profiles for family members with parental controls for restricting access to content.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Joel Cornell
  • Evercade Review: Blaze Entertainment Hits the Nostalgia Sweet Spot May 31, 2020
    It was only relatively recently that I happened upon the Evercade retro games console on Twitter. It immediately caught my attention as I am a fan of retro gaming in general. The concept of playing some of my favorite games on a dedicated handheld really excited me. I had to find out more.Read This Article on Review Geek […]
    Ste Knight
  • Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch Modding May 31, 2020
    The Nintendo Switch is a neat bit of hardware, but what if it could do more? Some people mod and install custom firmware on their Switch consoles to install homebrew software. We don’t recommend it, but we’ll explain the process.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Tim Brookes
  • HP's Reverb G2 VR Headset Is Like a More Affordable Valve Index May 30, 2020
    The Valve Index Virtual Reality Headset has great screens, fantastic speakers, and very comfortable finger-tracking controllers. There isn’t much not to like—except maybe the $999 price tag. That’s why it’s exciting to see HP partnered with Valve to make a similar headset, dubbed the Reverb G2, at a more affordable $599 price.Read This Article on […]
    Josh Hendrickson
  • How to Pin and Reframe Video Feeds in Microsoft Teams May 30, 2020
    Microsoft Teams faces high demand for improvements to its video chat feature as telecommuting becomes the new norm. On a Teams video call, you can pin or reframe individuals to focus on the people you really want to see.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Joel Cornell