• Master & Dynamic's Latest True Wireless Earbuds Are Built for Durability July 28, 2021
    Fans of Master & Dynamic’s stellar MW08 earbuds will be pleased to hear that the company just released an upgraded version of its luxury true wireless earbuds—the MW08 Sport—for just $50 more. They share some features with the original pair but boast some much-needed newer features as well.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Suzanne Humphries
  • 'Arthur' to Say Goodbye After a 26-Year PBS Run July 28, 2021
    Writer and show developer Kathy Waugh has revealed that Arthur is no longer in production. Its final episode, which PBS completed two years ago, will air in December of 2022. PBS has not provided a reason for canceling Arthur and seems to have intentionally withheld the bad news.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Andrew Heinzman
  • Nura's True Wireless Earbuds Adjust Their Sound Quality to Your Ears July 28, 2021
    Nura just launched the third product in its personalized-audio lineup, the Nuratrue wireless earbuds. This is the company’s first true wireless pair of headphones, yet it supports the same automatic hearing test, ANC, Transparency, and “immersion” features as the Nuraloop and Nuraphone.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Andrew Heinzman
  • How to Open the Full Play Store on Google TV July 28, 2021
    One of the quirky things about Google TV—which is different than Android TV—is the Play Store. It’s still present, but Google has integrated it deeply into the home screen. We’ll show you how to open it like normal.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Joe Fedewa
  • The 9 Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards July 28, 2021
    Mechanical keyboards are loved by many for the satisfying typing experience they offer, but you know what could make them even better? Not having to deal with those annoying cords anymore. And while in the past your options for wireless mechanical keyboards were limited, you have more options now than ever before.Read This Article on […]
    Eric Schoon
  • How to Set Up Customized Alexa News Flash Briefings July 28, 2021
    Alexa is arguably the greatest news update tool of all time, providing timely news updates on everything from Philadephia Eagle’s scores to national politics. Now, you can enjoy customized Alexa news flash briefings.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Ray Prince
  • Waze's New Pre-Drive Feature Will Spot a Traffic Jam Before You Get on the Road July 28, 2021
    Wouldn’t it be nice to know where all the traffic, accidents, detours, speed traps, and other weird obstacles are before you get into your car? Waze thinks so, and its new Pre-Drive page will show you exactly that, making your morning commute or road trip go a little more smoothly.Read This Article on Review Geek […]
    Suzanne Humphries
  • Have an Analog Camera? This Raspberry Pi Can Make It Digital July 28, 2021
    Even if you’re a big fan of analog cameras, film is a major expense and inconvenience. But YouTuber befinitiv has found an interesting solution—take a Raspberry Pi Zero, pair it with a 5MP camera module, and shove it inside an old 35mm camera body.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Andrew Heinzman
  • Speck's New AirTag Cases Go Where No AirTag Has Gone Before July 28, 2021
    Speck’s new AirTag case collection is making it easier to keep track of your keys and bags while you travel. With new options like carabiners and luggage tags, you can easily attach your AirTags and enjoy the stylish touch the cases add to your gear.Read This Article on Review Geek ›
    Suzanne Humphries
  • How to Raise Your Hand in Google Meet July 28, 2021
    While using Google Meet for a team meeting, you might want to raise your hand virtually to let people know that you want to speak. We’ll show you how to raise your hand in Google Meet.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
    Samir Makwana